Friday, February 25, 2011

Things I Like

As the author of a blog created entirely for the purpose of making fun of people, I sometimes wonder if I have led my readers (both of you) to believe that I think everything in this country is laughable and worthy of the cruelest mockery I can manage. However, this is simply not true. There are a great number of things (at least five!) that I enjoy unwaveringly and would never consider even playfully teasing. Here are a few of my favorite websites, in no particular order:

The Tosh.0 Blog at Comedy 
This is one of my favorite websites for two reasons: 1) I absolutely love Daniel Tosh, and 2) I also absolutely love to mock the stupidity of others. It’s the best of both worlds, really. And for those of you who only know Daniel Tosh from his Comedy Central show Tosh.0, you should probably go watch or listen to some of his stand-up before we can resume being friends again.

As I’ve expressed before in previous posts, my heart holds more love for comedian Bo Burnham than it does for any and all other inhabitants of the earth. My family has slowly but surely become accepting of this love and they now merely roll their eyes and halfheartedly pretend to listen when I talk about him. Note: he also has a blog, but has failed to update it since October 2nd, 2009. Which is totally okay; he’s a very busy person. You just keep doin’ yo thang, Bo.

Texts From Last Night
Because people under the influence of alcohol and/or recreational drugs are incredibly amusing.

This website, authored by David Thorne, features actual correspondence between Thorne and his coworkers, landlords, son’s teachers, haters, etc. in which he always manages to be hilariously unhelpful, obnoxious and brutally witty. He also occasionally writes faux “profiles” of ridiculous characters, but I much prefer the emails and letters. My favorite is “Missing Missy”. Note: please ignore the somewhat offensive logo imagery featuring a penguin “flipping the bird.”

Awkward Family Photos
Just… hilarious.
This is a website featuring quirky or amusing news stories on the web. A few of my personal favorites:
Hipster Disney Villains Are Way More Underground Than Hipster Disney Princesses
Meet Etti-Cat, the 1960s LOLcat
Thumbs-Up Cat Just Wants You to Chill Out, Bro
Charlie the “Voldemort Cat” Gets Adopted Into a New Home!

Self-proclaimed to be “America’s Finest News Source”, the Onion is a newspaper comprised entirely of 100% fictional headlines. A lil sample:
Embarrassed Republicans Admit They’ve Been Thinking Of Eisenhower Whole Time They’ve Been Praising Reagan
Same Americans Who Made Taylor Swift Popular Polled On Constitutionality Of Health Care Reform
Netflix Switches Over To Convenient New Physical Locations
Girl In Park Acts Like It’s No Big Deal She’s Wearing Bikini

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