Sunday, September 12, 2010

Indignant Fatties

America: in case you haven't noticed, we've somehow become the laughingstock of the world throughout the years. We're fat (nom nom nom McDonald's), selfish (refusing to share our Big Macs and supersize fries), and lazy (too lethargic to begin pursuit when another fat and selfish- but less lazy- American steals our grub). We are obsessed with making things easier, faster, more comfortable. We churn out stupid invention after stupid invention in order to make these improvements, and the results are often highly amusing. I am constantly amazed at the products that are thought to be impressive enough to be sold, and even more amazed when companies actually get people to buy these things. The purpose of this blog is to show you examples of American idiocy so you can giggle or guffaw or express amusement in whichever way you find most comfortable. I'm a fan of the chortle, myself. I'm really looking forward to examining the kind of sad hilarity that our country specializes in (sadlarity: a characteristic typically found in the laughable things Americans do; makes you feel a peculiar mixture of amusement and pity. Example: The POOP-FREEZE is super sadlarious), and I hope you'll enjoy this as much as I am sure to.

America is a peculiar place. We excitedly manufacture our POOP-FREEZE's and our Snuggies, and then we look around and indignantly wonder what we have done to earn this role as the Lovable Dunce in the world's cast of characters. Why, World? What have we done to deserve this bullying? Why are you laughing at us? Why?

This is why.

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