Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Poop Freeze: Super Necessary

Every day, I take my dog for a walk. This is inevitable. It's also inevitable that my dog will choose to expel feces at some point during the jaunt, which I will decide to A) leave on my neighbor's impeccable lawn (because my dog only likes to defecate on the lawns of the neighbors who work hardest on them) or B) be a good citizen and pick it up. No, not with my bare hands. That's sick. And if you've ever had to pick up your dog's "business", you know that the temperature of said business is about 400 degrees. Seriously. That's hot. But lucky for us, the folks over at POOP-FREEZE were sympathetic to our plight. Since they know how much we hate picking up steaming hot poop, they gave us the ability to pick up slightly chilled poop. Yesss. As the name suggests, POOP-FREEZE is a product that comes in an aerosol can for you to spritz your dog's poo and bring the temp down a bit. Obviously, our nation would be in shambles without this. It's like ingenuity and brilliance had an illegitimate love child. And that child was POOP-FREEZE. Go to YouTube right now and watch the commercial. You won't be disappointed. Unless chilled feces disappoints you.

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