Monday, January 10, 2011

More Facebook Fails

I would just like to start off by apologizing to my reader for being late with the blog posts this week. I hope you found something else to do on your Sunday night, although I doubt it was anywhere near as cool and fantastic as this blog. So, mad apologies times ten. For real. Unfortunately, I was suddenly ambushed and attacked by a particularly stealthy case of Super Hellish Death Flu last night, and was therefore rendered too weak to do anything but crumple into a little ball of sadness on the couch, occasionally whimpering in futile attempts to hint to my mother that, no, I was not enjoying that episode of Desperate Housewives as much as she was.
And yes, contrary to popular belief, this blog just so happens to take a little bit of effort. Kind of.
Now that we’ve got that cleared up, who’s ready to watch their already dwindling faith in the intelligence of this country take a 1000 mph plunge with more Facebook Fails? Of course you are.
Jabari is in a relationship with Sabine and it’s complicated.
Bess: …?
Tonia: :0! Who’s the lucky lady?
Sabine: I was the lucky lady but I guess I had to find out through facebook that now we are complicated. Nice

Donna: anybody wish to explain where asia is? Apparently its not ah country!
Shannon: Is it not? Where is it?
Donna: yeahh im gettin slagged for not knowing where this asia place is and appperntly its not ah country :{
Stephanie: it’s a continent is it not?
Donna: yeahhh apperntly…  but wtf is ah continent?

Matt: love isn’t easy. NOT a good day, I need a drink.
Geri: ruining another relationship? Did NOT see that coming
Kristen: your just jealous he chose me over ur fugly ass
Geri: a 26 year old with no job and a stupid goatee. I don’t know how ill live without him!
Matt: my goatee isn’t stupid

Person A: I don’t understand this, If we have to learn forgien a language in grade school so that we can commicate with others around the world, then the forgieners should learn to speak English.
Person B: Stop trying.

Jamie: baby shower planning and shopping- check... paternity test results- check…  alcohol class for dui completed- check…  LOVE IT. Lots to do the next few days for the shower.

Michelle: CPR in the ER woot woot! That was fun (probably not for the guy who just died though)

Ben: they laughed at Louie Armstrong when he wanted to go to the moon, now he is up there laughing at them

Emily: feels brave because she just killed a gigantic spider for her boyfriend!
Cory: lol Ryan…
Ryan: It was so big! I’m money on the tiny ones though. And tiny centipedes, but not the big ones. And I can kill ants like its nobodies business. And it was all over my Snuggie, so I was mostly just distraught that I can now no longer wear my Snuggie, so it was more that than a general fear of the spider.

Vanessa: why is bad romance so catchy?
Desiree: I kno right! The catch is never get caught up… or at least try not to fall in love 1st… Meanwhile, be safe and have fun!
Michael: Um, I think she meant the song.

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